Summer Night-time Event

Summer Night-time Event

Summer Night-time Event

On Friday, July 21st, 2023 come to Bénesse-lès-Dax windmill: a Street Theater show & on site catering.

At 7.30pm : Street theater "pour un oui pour un nom"  from the Tôt Ki Toek Company

"This is the story of a woman like you and I: a normal woman.
But what does that mean? What does make sense? 
According to her, she has to move. But she is totally moving... not only for another place.  She needs around 45mn to explain the reasons why she ismoving. The golden fish is concerned of course, but also the strongest men in audience to carry boxes. There is a love story too. She talks about her love of forgetting: forgetting firstnames, meetings, places where we never go or where we go forgetting it right now. But she will never forget Love.

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After the show, on site catering and drinks


Informations :

Show time : 45 minutes
Prices : Pay as you feel
Catering : required booking

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Le 21/07 de 19:00 à 23:30