Association "Les Ailes Bénessoises"

Association "Les Ailes Bénessoises"

Association "Les Ailes Bénessoises"

Les Ailes Bénessoises : the association who gave a second life to Bénesse-lès-Dax windmill

The association les Ailes bénessoises (Benesse wings) was created in 2015.

Benesse-lès-Dax heritage- conservation, showcase and tourism promotion  are the association's mandate.

In 4 years, the association restored  the fountain with salt water, the windmill and built a traditional baker oven on the windmill site.

Since then,  the volunteers have milled gluten-free flours (maize and buckwheat) from the local and organic label farms.

Today, they keep being actively involved in the windmill site development. 

The Ailes Bénessoises :

  • 300 subscribers
  • Events all along the year on Benesse-les-Dax windmill site

If you want to join them, to subscribe to the association, to donate money or  to sponsor it: here is the contact :