Gourmet Autumn in les Landes

Gourmet Autumn in les Landes

Gourmet Autumn in les Landes

Bénesse-lès-Dax windmill is one of the partner of Landes Terre des Possibles for the Gourmet Autumn in Les Landes Event

You haven't visited Benesse-lès-Dax windmill yet ? Take advantage of the Gourmet Autumn in Les Landes to visit the windmill and discover the other 51 offers in the area.

From Saturday October 21st to Sunday  November 5th, 2023

For All Saints Day bankholiday, Landes Terre des Possibles organises  a Gourmet Autumn:
- events
- cultural activities
- the best gourmet adresses
- and sites to visit

Reductions in prices, benefits and good ideas are on the  2023 Gourmet Autumn Vouchers (download here).  

What's about coming and visiting Benesse-lès-Dax windmill?

On the current Opening Times, and by showing the voucher N°45, if you buy a windmill guided tour ticket (€3), you'll be offered a pastis tasting at the end of the visit.

To check Benesse-lès-Dax windmill Opening Times and Informations :

Individuals & families

For more information on Gourmet Autumn in Les Landes : Landes Terre des Possibles

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Date(s) : du 21/10 au 05/11, de 14:00 à 18:00